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Receiving a DUI in Arizona doesn’t have to be a negative experience and instead can be the beginning of a new life.

We understand the hassle and stress of taking mandatory DUI classes when convicted of a DUI, and we strive to make the process as painless as possible. We offer onsite screenings and classes in our Phoenix-based office and now we also offer online classes so you can complete your DUI courses from the comfort of your own home.

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Past client testimonials:

The Stonewall Institute helped me turn my life around. I’m proof that a person can come out from the depths of hell, & do a complete 180 — I’m now living a happy, healthy, productive life. But I couldn’t have done it alone. Addiction is a disease, & a sick person cannot make themselves well without medicine, (not pills, but recovery). I can’t explain the logistics; it just works. In my case, it has been the best medicine for treating my addiction, & it’s been more effective than basically everything else combined. Here, you will learn how to live a healthy, sober life & be happy @ the same time. Along with that, you’ll receive information regarding the importance of AA meetings, sponsor work, (ideally on a daily basis), & how to live right, while also becoming part of a supportive & healthy community — who understand what an addict/alcoholic is going through. You’ll meet people who speak the same language you do. Recovery is a personal issue, & it’s imperative to immerse yourself in a program that is right for you. This is the place that worked for me. If you haven’t found the right program, please do not give up! Life is a choice, & for an addict/alcoholic the choice is either recovery -or- misery! (Jeff in Phoenix)


You can’t make DUI screening completely painless, but they did a pretty decent job. 16 hours of my life was swirled down the drain because of my own stupid mistake, but at least they instilled some kind of fear that’ll never make me want to risk my life again. (MT in Phoenix)

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