Signs and Symptoms of an Alcohol Addiction

A lot of people feel as though they cannot have a problem, like an alcohol addiction, since the “drug” is legal. However, that is not the case. You can have an addiction to any substance that changes how you feel or how you think. This can include things like food, behaviors, and beverages, like alcohol.

An alcohol addiction is often something that takes time to develop, so you may not even be sure that you have one. However, there are signs to look for. If you are worried that you, or someone near and dear to you, may struggle with alcohol addiction, here are some of the signs and symptoms to look for.

At First, The Signs of an Alcohol Addiction Are Minimal

When someone first develops an alcohol addiction, chances are, they do not realize it. They probably just believe they are having fun enjoying the effects of their chosen pastime. They likely drink socially, and now and again, drink a bit too much. Some people even get a DUI thinking they just went above and beyond this one time.

People who stop drinking at a wake up call like a Phoenix DUI likely did not have a full addiction. However, those that choose the opposite reaction are definitely struggling. These are the people who decide that they do not want to risk another DUI charge, so they start drinking in private, at home.

This is when the full addiction starts to take hold. Instead of giving up on the problem, the addict justifies a way to keep the problem around. They figure out workarounds to keep abusing alcohol. It does not cause their drinking to slow down or stop. Instead, it causes them to hide it a bit and indulge when they believe they are in a safe place to do so. Their tolerance to alcohol grows during this time, and their pastime that once took over only a portion of their lives, begins to take up more of their time. Some people in this phase begin to make excuses to avoid situations where they will not be able to drink. These are all signs of an alcohol addiction.

Over Time, the Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction Grow

Once they begin using alcohol more, hiding their addiction, or making excuses to avoid situations where people may see them drinking, they are definitely an addict. The problem here is the fact that the symptoms of their addiction are only going to continue to grow.

When they are drinking, their coordination is going to be lower than normal. Their habits are going to start revolving around how they can drink while doing things, instead of just doing things that made them happy. They are going to withdraw from social situations, even pulling back from work so they can drink more. This is the spiral heading downward. Secrets about how much they drink, or sometimes even about the fact that they drink, often come next.

They begin to engage in riskier behaviors than ever before. Early on, they would never get behind the wheel halfway through a binge fest of drinking. However, now they may choose to do so thinking they are safe enough to go out and get more alcohol. They may even engage in risky behaviors to pay for more alcohol if their money runs out before their next payday. The desire for more alcohol takes over their ability to process rational thought. Many people also struggle at just the idea of not having alcohol within arm’s reach. Then the fact that their body requires alcohol becomes apparent, and it is too late for them to stop drinking on their own.

Alcohol Rehab is the Answer, But That is Not Always Easy to Find

When a person gets to where their alcohol consumes their life, they need help. However, most people who get to this stage of an alcohol addiction struggle with asking for it. They try to become functional alcoholics, thinking they can just keep going like this. However, that is not safe or a good idea, ever. What they need to do is realize that alcohol changed them. When you drink, the alcohol changes your brain. It rewires everything in your brain to make your body believe you need the alcohol. When you do not get the alcohol, your body begins to shut down. You begin to feel sick and you struggle to do remedial things like breathing and having your heart beat like normal.

If you get into alcohol rehab at this stage, you have the ability to have your brain rewired slowly. That is what alcohol addiction rehabs specialize in. They understand how difficult this process is and how much of a toll it takes on your body. That is why they help give you just enough alcohol to wean your body off slowly, so your body can rewire itself to function like it once did. If you try and go cold-turkey from alcohol, it will not go well. It is physically painful, and often a very dangerous situation. It can even leave you struggling to live. You never want to take that risk and should always try and quit alcohol with the help of a proper drug and alcohol rehab center. Doing it on your own could kill you.

Helping You Get Past an Alcohol Addiction is One Thing We Specialize In

Here at Alcohol Screening Phoenix, we specialize in alcohol addiction and helping people get over it. We understand just how rough alcohol can be on your body. We also understand how difficult it is to get your body away from this seemingly innocent, legal drug. It is not easy, but it can be done.

For any additional information, please reach out to us here at Alcohol Screening Phoenix and let us help you get over your alcohol addiction before it takes over more of your life. You do not need to be controlled by the bottle. You have help available to you, all you have to do is reach out your hand!

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