Celebrities Who Struggle with Alcohol

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Do you feel as though you are the only one who will sometimes struggle with alcohol? There are many people out there who face this same struggle. As a way of seeing just how prominent the problem really is, we are going to look at those who have faced this struggle in the public eye. Celebrities often struggle with alcohol and drug problems. Quite a few of them have even faced DUIs in the past. Here is a look at some of the most prominent celebrities who have faced their alcohol struggles publicly.

Daniel Radcliffe

Were you aware that the young actor who portrayed Harry Potter had a public struggle with alcohol? He was so used to consuming alcohol, he would even drink prior to showing up on the set as the movies were being filmed. By the ripe old age of 20, he was a self-imposed recluse who drank to avoid emotion and social situations. He has been sober for some time, but still struggles to maintain his sobriety in large events where alcohol is served.

Eric Clapton Had a Very Obvious Struggle with Alcohol and Other Drugs

Eric Clapton is known for his singing and guitar playing, but also for his past addictive behaviors. He would drink and use several drugs. At one point in time, his addictive habits cost him nearly $20,000 each week. It took him welcoming his son, named Conor, to get him to finally give up his addictive ways. At the age of 4, Clapton’s son tragically passed away from an accident. By this time, Clapton was so proud of his recovery, he was even able to remain sober during that time.

The Addiction Story of Jamie Lee Curtis

When it comes to a struggle with alcohol and painkillers, the story of Jamie Lee Curtis is one of despair to recovery. She had some cosmetic surgery performed, then quickly relied on both alcohol and painkillers to numb herself. This behavior lasted many years. When she realized how much her addictions influenced her then teenage daughter, she opted for recovery. Now, she has been sober for almost 20 years and is loving how it feels.

Demi Lovato Just Recently Went Through a Struggle with Alcohol and Drugs

The quick rise to fame is something many blame alcohol and drug addictions on, and Demi Lovato is one who fell into that trap as well. She was a child-star on the show Barney & Friends, and quickly rose to fame with her music career. During that time, she had a struggle with alcohol and drugs, saying there were times where she would use more cocaine every half-hour. Now, she is clean and sober, but it took her nearly dying from an overdose to get there.

It Is Difficult to Forget the Public Struggle with Alcohol Lindsay Lohan Went Through

When you think of a modern-day poster child for rehab, you may think of Lindsay Lohan. She’s been to rehab several times, all because of alcohol and drugs. In her own description, she did not think she was a full alcoholic, but she did agree that she drank to excess on numerous occasions, which is why she kept going back to rehab. Her first DUI came in 2007, but that was not her first run-in with the law from her addictive tendencies. Since 2013, she has taken recovery more seriously and is still sober.

Anthony Hopkins Stopped Drinking Over 40 Years Ago

Imagine waking up one morning in another state from the last time you remember, and having absolutely no idea how you got where you are. That was the reality for Anthony Hopkins. The actor used to drink to excess on several occasions, and often struggled with his alcohol problems while filming roles. In 1975, he chose to get sober and start AA. Since then, he has not once relapsed, and is happy with his sober lifestyle.

It Took Nearly Dying to Get Eminem Past His Struggle with Alcohol and Drugs

In 2005, rapper Eminem nearly died from an overdose of pills and alcohol. Shortly after, he chose to get sober so that he could be the type of father his daughter, Hallie, deserved. It was a rough road, but he still works hard to remain sober. Thankfully, his dedication to his sobriety has helped him keep his music career going, and has also allowed him to be the type of father he wanted to be.

You Do Not Have to Struggle with Alcohol on Your Own

Thankfully, you do not need to go through the miserable times like many of these celebrities did before they got sober. You can make changes to your life starting today. Did you already make a common mistake and get a DUI in Phoenix? If so, then we can help. By calling us here at Alcohol Screening Phoenix, and let us help you make positive changes in your life. Our number is 602-535-6468, and we can help you make your life into something you are proud of.

Struggles with alcohol have the potential to alter your future. They can change how you go through today, and what you will do tomorrow. Make today the start of something amazing. Make better choices than many of these celebrities did for several years. Start walking down the road to sobriety today before more consequences pile up on you. Call us here at Alcohol Screening Phoenix, and start down that path. The first thing we will do is help you get a DUI screening, then we will help you choose what to do with the results you get.

Celebrities live a public life, which can mean they have to struggle with a lot of pressure. You can live a life that just you and your loved ones are in control over. Take the time to get your alcohol behaviors under control, and start taking control over your future. It all starts with just one phone call to us.

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