Comparing the Types of DUIs in Arizona

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There are several types of DUIs in Phoenix, Arizona. Each of them carries with them unique consequences. You need to understand what constitutes a DUI in Arizona to understand what you could face if you choose to drink and drive. Even if you do not have a blood alcohol level at or above 0.08%, you can still face a DUI arrest in Phoenix. You only have to appear to be unsafe behind the wheel in order to face a DUI arrest in Arizona, since it is a zero tolerance state. However, the higher your blood alcohol content (BAC), the worse the consequences become.

The Three Basic Types of DUIs in Arizona

There are three basic categories that constitute a DUI in Arizona. The first is a standard DUI, which means your blood alcohol content is 0.08% or higher when tested. For a man of 140 pounds, this means three beers in the course of one hour is enough to face DUI charges in Phoenix, AZ. For a woman of 120 pounds, this means two beers and you are over the legal limit.

Next, you have the extreme DUI, which means that your blood alcohol content was at least 0.15% or higher when you took the test. For that same man of 140 pounds, to hit 0.15%, he would need to drink nearly six beers in the course of an hour. For a woman weighing 120 pounds, she would have to drink four beers in an hour. This would put her at 0.15% for a blood alcohol level, and constitute an extreme DUI in AZ.

Finally, you have the super extreme DUI. At this level, your blood alcohol level must be at 0.20% or higher, which is extremely dangerous not only in terms of drinking and driving, but for one’s own health. For a man weighing in at 140 pounds, he would need to drink 7.5 beers in an hour, or a mere 11.25 ounces of any 80 proof liquor. For a woman weighing 120 pounds, she would need five and one-quarter beers in an hour, or just under 8 ounces of any 80 proof liquor.

In order to get back under the legal limit after drinking, you must wait for your body to metabolize the alcohol. On average, you can expect to metabolize approximately 0.015% from your body per hour of not drinking, after consuming the alcohol. This means that you are drinking nothing that contains alcohol during that time to reduce your blood alcohol content by that much.

The Consequences of a Standard DUI in Arizona

For a first-time DUI offense where your blood alcohol level is 0.08% to 0.14%, you have some expectations that come with a DUI conviction. First, you will face ten days of jail time. You will be looking at fines of around $1,500, and you will have a monitoring fee of about $80, plus the costs of your jail time. The court will require you to get a DUI screening and counseling to determine your level of reliance on alcohol. Your driver’s license will be suspended at least 90 days, but it could be revoked for one full year. Getting a DUI alcohol screening can help this, however, and it will make you eligible for a restricted drivers license. Plus, you will also be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle for a full 12 months. No community service is required for a first-time DUI offender in Arizona.

If you are a second-time DUI offender, the consequences increase. Your jail time goes up to 90 days, but you can spend some of it at home if you qualify, once you have completed six days. The fines increase to around $3,500, with the same fees for monitoring and your time in jail. You will still have to get a DUI screening and counseling. Your driver’s license will be revoked for one full year, and will need the interlock for 12 months as well. This time, you will be expected to serve at least 30 hours of community service time as well.

The Consequences of an Extreme DUI in Arizona

For an extreme DUI in Phoenix, Arizona, your blood alcohol level needs to be 0.15% to 0.19%. Jail time is 30 days for a first-time offender, or 120 days for repeat offenders. You become eligible for home detention after two days for first-time offenders, or after 24 days for repeat offenders. Fines are $2,780 plus fees for first-time offenders, and $3,750 plus fees for repeat offenders.

Both first-time and repeat offenders will need to get a DUI screening and alcohol counseling. They will also have the interlock for at least 12 months. First-time offenders can expect a 90 day license suspension, and repeat offenders can expect their licenses to be revoked for a full year. Also, repeat offenders need to complete at least 30 hours of community service.

The Consequences of a Super Extreme DUI in Arizona

Should you face a super extreme DUI in Arizona, this means your blood alcohol level was at least 0.20% or more. First-time offenders will be in jail for 45 days or more, but are eligible for home detention after three days, and repeat offenders can expect 180 days in jail, with home detention eligibility after 36 days are served. Both first-time and repeat offenders will also have to undergo a DUI alcohol screening and DUI counseling.

The fines for a first-time offender of a super extreme DUI in Phoenix are around $3,240, plus the extra fees, while a repeat offender should expect fines of $4,650, plus fees. The interlock for a first-time offender is 18 months, while a repeat offender should expect 24 months. Again, the repeat offender needs to serve 30 hours of community service.

Alcohol Screening Phoenix Can Help with All Types of DUIs in Arizona

No matter which of the types of DUIs in Arizona you face, you do not have to go through the process on your own. Reach out to us here at Alcohol Screening Phoenix, and let our experienced DUI professionals help you maneuver through the system. We can help you with a DUI screening, which you need for court, and we can also help you figure out which drug and alcohol treatment program is right for you, should your alcohol screening point to that necessity. Contact us today. We are here to help you get your life back!

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