Did the Results of Your DUI Screening Suggest Rehab?

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When you get the results of your DUI screening, it is important that you go over them. It is important that you understand what they say and what they suggest for your future. If you made a one-time mistake and rarely drink as it is, you likely got results saying that you need DUI classes. However, if you are a regular drinker, you may have a suggestion for rehab in the mix. If this is the case, it is not the end of the world. It is a way for you to see what is going on in your life, from an outsiders perspective.

Why Would the Results of Your DUI Screening Suggest You Go to Rehab?

Most of the time, if the results of your DUI screening suggested that you attend a rehab, it is because the screening picked up a pattern. The screening saw that you were at higher risk of repeat offense than most. They saw that you turn to alcohol in many situations, or that it has become a part of your daily life. This means that you are more likely to go home, fall into the same patterns as before the DUI, and get another one in the future. The goal of DUI screenings is to prevent this from being the case.

What Types of Rehabs Are Out There?

When you decide that you are ready for rehab, or when the results of your DUI screening suggest that you go to rehab, you should learn which options you have out there for an alcohol rehab. There are many types and styles, depending on your addiction and needs. Some work with insurance, while others require you to pay out of pocket. Some are inpatient, while others allow you to remain out of their facility, such as to work. The ultimate choice of which rehab you attend is up to you. Just make sure you do your homework so you can find one you feel most comfortable in. Studies have shown that if you like your rehab, you will be less likely to relapse in the future. This is ultimately what you want – to avoid relapse.

Rehabs for Just Men or Just Women

There are many people who struggle to speak openly when in the presence of members of the opposite sex. This is very common. Thankfully, if you fit into that category, you will be happy to know that there are rehabs for just one gender out there. If you are a woman, you do not need to worry about feeling odd about speaking in front of men. For men, you do not need to worry about feeling emasculated by admitting problems in front of women. It is a great solution for many who need a bit more support during the recovery process.

LGBTQ Friendly Rehabs

Unfortunately, many members of the LGBTQ community turn to drugs and alcohol when they are struggling with their own sexuality. It is their way of coping with that struggle, and possibly also of the struggle about whether those they care about most will support them or not. Thankfully, there are some amazing rehabs out there who cater to this community of people above all others. They understand the stigma that you may have faced, and they are there to simply support your recovery. There is no judgment when attending this type of rehab. You can go in as you are, feel confident in who you are, and get the help you need, all at once.

Luxury Rehabs Can Give You a Recovery Edge

For some, going to rehab sounds too harsh to even consider. If this is the case, you may feel more comfortable about going to rehab if it was set up like a luxury resort. That is what you get when you attend a luxury rehab. They have the entire place set up to give you the feeling that you are being pampered. You get the option of massages, going for a swim, using alternative options for managing your discomfort, having a gym partner, many food options from a professional chef, and more, depending on where you go. Plus, these types of rehabs often typically only take in select numbers of people at once. This means you will encounter fewer people during your recovery, and have more individualized attention.

Specific Alcohol Recovery Centers

If the results of your DUI screening said you should attend rehab, you may want to consider going to a recovery center that works with those struggling with an alcohol addiction. This addiction is much harder to get over than most people realize. It changes how your body works, and it can even make it to where your body begins to shut down if you deprive it of alcohol. Your body becomes so accustomed to having alcohol in it, if you take alcohol out, it can lead your body to forget how to function properly.

By going to a rehab specifically geared to help those going through alcohol recovery, you know that the therapists know how to help you. They have helped others, and know the best suggestions to make. While this may be your first time through this type of rehab, you are likely not their first client. They can help you make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Getting Help for an Alcohol Problem

If you know that you struggle with alcohol, then get help. It is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is something you should be proud of. Take your life back and stop giving alcohol the control it once had over your life. Reach out to us here at Alcohol Screening Phoenix today, by calling (602) 535-6468. We are here to help you understand the results of your DUI screening, and to help you figure out the next steps to get your life back. One mistake does not need to dictate what you do for the rest of your life. However, one good decision now can make the rest of your life better.

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