Food to Eat to Help Your Body Following a Phoenix DUI

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Following a Phoenix DUI, there are some pretty significant changes you need to make in your life. First of all, you need to either cut down the drinking where the temptation to drive is there, or you need to stop drinking altogether. Second, you need to get through DUI treatment, which includes a DUI screening, court, and recovery. Finally, you need to make sure to get your body back to a proper state. Most people do not realize what alcohol can do to your body, so you need to help fix those issues.

Does Alcohol Damage Your Body That Much?

Most people believe that unless they drink heavily for a decade or two, alcohol really does not hurt. Nothing could be further from the truth. In truth, your body takes damage from the moment you take sip number one. Imagine that… from the moment you took that first sip, your body has been hurting. Your brain takes damage from very little alcohol, and each moment you don’t remember from any bout of drinking is actually the symptom of brain damage.

Drinking does damage to your entire body. Your liver metabolizes your alcohol, and the more you consume, the harder it has to work. Any amount of consistent drinking increases your chances of developing several types of cancer. The acid in your stomach intensifies, which can lead to constant inflammation, plus it can also cause your stomach to develop far more acid than your body needs.

These are just some of the basic bits of damage you take. If you include the fact that many people forego eating to drink, then you also have to include the damage that can come from malnutrition. This can be long lasting problems that may never go away, the rest of your life, if you let them get too bad.

Foods That Can Help Following a Phoenix DUI

One of the most important foods you want to eat following a Phoenix DUI is garlic. When you consume garlic, especially in a raw form, you help to trigger your body to kickstart your liver enzymes that detox impurities from the liver itself. The more garlic you consume, the cleaner the inside of your liver will be able to get. Try adding it into as many different meals as you can so that you are consuming it at least once per day.

Broccoli is one of those foods that is considered ideal for cleaning out the inside of your body on all levels. It helps to grab hold of bad cells and pulls them out of the body. It is so powerful, it can also reduce your chances of developing some cancers. The more often you consume it, the healthier your body is able to become following the damage alcohol did.

Another great item to help clean out the liver, which is what takes the most damage, is beet juice. You will flush your body with tons of antioxidants, plus it will also improve any benefits that your body gets from exercise. The more enzymes you have activated in your liver, the more fatty acids your liver can break down with ease. Plus, your body can also get more out of any type of water soluble vitamin you consume. If you want to give your liver the ability to function at a higher level, this is a great way of doing that.

Food Types to Ensure You Get Enough Of to Help Your Body

It is very important that you consume vast amounts of fiber if you want to cleanse your body after drinking a large quantity of alcohol over the past. This cleans out all parts of your body as it passes from your mouth all the way through the rest of you. Ideally, you want to eat some fiber in each meal of the day. It also helps to bring back in the good bacteria that helps your body digest foods better.

Anything that gives your body more water should also be readily consumed. You should be drinking as much water each day as possible, as it is. However, following a Phoenix DUI, you should also make sure to include anything water-based in your diet as well. If you can combine water and fiber, in foods like celery and greens, then you are doing even better!

Fermented foods are great when it comes to making sure you have enough bacteria in your belly to make sure you can digest what you eat properly. You can make them at home, or you can get them from the store. What matters most is that you eat them as close to daily as you can.

Getting Help Following a Phoenix DUI

There are many different types of help that you can get following a Phoenix DUI. First, your nutrition needs to be important in everything you take in. Second, you need to make sure you are taking care of what you need outside of drinking in order to move forward with positivity and safety. Finally, you have resources available to you – use them. Turn to the experienced professionals here at Alcohol Screening Phoenix today, and let us help you get your recovery going in a way you can be proud of.

The experienced professionals here at Alcohol Screening Phoenix will help you understand the depth of what alcohol did to you on an emotional and mental level. Then, by taking care of your nutrition at this point, you can also address what it has been doing to you physically. We can be reached at 602-535-6468, and we can begin helping you right away. Getting a Phoenix DUI is never good, but it also does not have to ruin your future. Instead, call us and let us help you get yourself on a track you can be proud of. We are here for you, any time, day or night, so call us now and get started!


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