How to Rebuild Trust After a DUI Arrest in Tempe

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It is vital that you take the time to rebuild trust after a DUI arrest in Tempe, or any other city in Arizona. The people who care about you were likely worried sick when you got arrested. Plus, if they went with you to your initial court appearance, then they also likely had the same feeling when they heard your blood alcohol level. Take the time to show them that you care about them, yourself, and your relationship with them. Rebuild that trust now before it gets to the point of not being able to do it anymore.

If You Do Not Rebuild Trust After a DUI Arrest in Tempe, You May Lose People You Care About

One of the hardest parts of facing a DUI arrest in Tempe or any other surrounding city is that you have the fallout that comes with it. People you care about are going to be disappointed, no doubt. That does not mean they will give up on you or walk away. Some of them are going to need time to hash through the events and how they feel about it – and that’s okay. You need to understand their side of things, especially if this is not your first DUI. They need to see where they feel comfortable standing with you in terms of your relationship with them.

Then, they need to see that you are going to work on fixing things. If you go too long before trying to show them that they matter, that is when you need to worry that people may start to walk away. When you want to really show them that you made a mistake that you do not intend to make again, you need to begin rebuilding trust as soon as you go home after your DUI arrest.

How to Begin to Rebuild Trust After a DUI Arrest

When your goal is to rebuild trust, you have to understand that it takes steps, and that the process will not happen overnight. You need to work with the people you care about for a while before they are going to see you the same. Your ability to talk with them and show them that your word means something is going to take time, but it is worth the time it takes. The steps are simple. Just keep working on them, and in time, the people you care about will start to come around.

First, you need to own up to what you did. Talk to them about the mistake you made, and if you can, why you made it. This is a huge step if you truly want to rebuild any trust with anyone. Show the people you care about that you are taking responsibility for your actions.

Next, open the lines of communication with them. Explain what you did, and invite them to respond. This is not a one-sided conversation. They may not have anything to say right away, but they do need to know that they can open up and talk with you, and that you will listen to what they have to say.

Follow that up with showing that your word means something, even on little tiny things. This may sound juvenile, but you need to make small plans with those loved ones and keep them. It may be something easy like picking them up something the next time you are at the store, or agreeing to clean up the house and doing it. Those little things mean nothing to you, but to someone who has no trust, those things are the building blocks you are rebuilding on. No matter how trivial the request is, do it and don’t forget.

Finally, do not go at the entire process on your own. You made a mistake, and for that, you need to take responsibility. However, you can have help surrounding and supporting you through the recovery process. Mistakes do not have to define who we are for the rest of our lives. Instead, how we react to those mistakes should. If you want to show yourself, your loved ones, and the world who you truly are, get the best help possible on your side as you put your life back together from your DUI arrest in Tempe.

Get Your Life Back After a DUI

When you face a DUI arrest, you are going to have to work hard to put your life back together. Not only do your loved ones want to see that you are truly going to change, the judge will, too. Start off by calling us here at Alcohol Screening Phoenix, so we can get you started with the alcohol screening process. In Arizona, you must have an alcohol screening after a DUI arrest in Tempe or any other Arizona city. You need to go through an interview that determines how likely you are to make this same mistake again. Just answer each question honestly, and we can then help guide you through the process so that you can follow whatever the court recommends.

Your loved ones are going to be an amazing source of support, once you work on showing them that you are still more than this mistake. Take the time to dedicate some of your focus on them since they are going to need to see that you want things to get better. That way, when your day in court comes, you have the support around you to know that you can rebuild the rest of your life with them by your side. Showing them now that they can count on you, gives you the ability to also count on them when the time comes in court. You deserve to have people who love and care for you by your side when you head to court. Show them that you want more out of your life than what this one incident showed. The people here at Alcohol Screening Phoenix can help. Call us at 602-535-6468 today, and let us show you how!

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