What is Impaired Driving?

Impaired Driving - Alcohol Screening Phoenix

It may seem like the answer to the question above is rather simple. Impaired driving can easily be defined as driving while intoxicated from alcohol (or driving under the influence). However, the answer can become much more complex when truly considered and studied.

When understanding the task of driving in itself, it’s really intricate. There’s the requirement for much attention, complete awareness, the proper judgment, good coordination, and a handful of years of experience. Over time, the task of driving almost feels as though it has become second nature. Leaving people to assume they can handle it under any intoxicated mindset.

However, when impairing the brain with drugs and/or alcohol, this second nature starts to lose authenticity. For the driver under the influence is not completely aware, not properly judging, may be paying little attention, and doesn’t have the greatest coordination. Those years of experience are still there, but they’re faded out by the lack of complete control over the mind and body.

Driving under the influence of any substance is just too much of a risk when you really think about how little control you have. Not only are you putting others on the road in potentially fatal danger, but you’re, likewise, putting your own life on the line.

Due to a height in drunk driving awareness, the good majority of people are aware of these dangers. According to a 2012 study done by Traffic Safety Culture Index, 89% of people claim that driving under the influence is purely unacceptable. The study also finds that every three out of four drivers find impaired driving a danger to their personal safety.

Yet, even with all the awareness, impaired driving is still a major problem within America. One third of all fatal crashes are caused by a driver under the influence – this constitutes to the death of more than 11,000 people a year. To further these statistics, 14% of people have admitted to have driven in the past year while their blood alcohol count (BAC) was over the legal limit. Though not all of those people were necessarily proud of their decision, they still made the choice to drink and drive.

An important question to ask when considering this – why did they make this decision?

Though there’s no straight-to-the-point answer, there’s a lot to be examined. For one, it can be assumed that most impaired drivers were only going out for a drink after work, a nice dinner with their friends, to a sporting event, etc. and made an error in judgment. Their choice to drive was a decision based on a means of getting home and of convenience factor.

Arizona is a no-tolerance state, meaning even if you have a beer or two with dinner and your BAC level is less than 0.08%, you may still be arrested for DUI if your driving is considered erratic and/or dangerous to the public.

Looking outside of alcohol, there’s also cases where prescription and over-the-counter medicine are reasons for impaired driving. Many people don’t realize how impairing their medication is and make the decision to drive anyway, because it’s legal and prescribed by their doctor.

In response to this great risk, the Foundation has recently provided an internet tool to make anyone else using prescription medication aware of how impaired their driving is. Through this online tool, individuals have the ability to enter the names of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications they use. This is followed by an assessment as to how in danger the drugs are putting the user when behind the wheel.

The use of prescription medication has become a recent problem for the country as a whole, but especially so for impaired driving. With more people gaining easy access to these substances, inevitably, more will be driving. To further this, the recent legalization of marijuana in certain states will also have its effect. When talking about impaired driving, it’s usually assumed that we’re only talking about alcohol. It shouldn’t be forgotten that impaired driving covers all substances.

With the right research, we can collect the right knowledge to share with others. If there’s anyone within your life who have had previous or current troubles with driving under the influence, it’s important to share this information with them. If you or somebody you love in need of a DUI Screening, Alcohol Screening Phoenix can help.

For more information, contact us today. We’re on your side.

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