Understanding the Many Levels of Phoenix DUIs

Phoenix DUIs have many different levels because there are different levels of offenses depending on what a driver does wrong. Some DUI offenses do not involve drinking at all, while other offenses are determined by a driver’s blood alcohol level. It all depends on how you are acting, what is going on, and if you are actually in control of a vehicle at the time the police are present. The more you know about DUIs in Phoenix, Arizona, the better off you will be if you ever face that situation.

What Are the Basic Levels of Phoenix DUIs?

There are numerous levels that make up a DUI in Phoenix. First, you can be charged with a DUI, or driving under the influence, without any alcohol in your system. This simply means that you are under the influence of something that has altered your ability to respond in the same manner you would without that substance in your system. Marijuana and cocaine are examples of substances that can be in your body and cause a DUI. There is also a DWI, which is driving while intoxicated. For this charge, your blood alcohol level must be at least 0.08% or higher, with a maximum of 0.0149%. A DWI for a commercial driver is any blood alcohol level of 0.04% or higher.

For these offenses, you can have several types of consequences, depending on if this is your first offense or not. For first time offenders, you could face 24 hours up to ten days in jail, fines of more than$1,500, 30 days of not being able to drive with a possible restricted license for another 60 days, an interlock on your vehicle’s ignition, numerous years of probation, and DUI screenings. The judge can impose any, and all of these consequences, depending on the situation. Plus, there are more consequences the judge can add on top of these. You could have to do several hours of community service, you may lose a commercial license, and you could even have your vehicle impounded.

What Happens to Second Time DUI Offenders?

If this is your second offense within the last 84 months,the things police officers look for change, as do the consequences. Officers can charge you with driving while impaired to even a slight degree without taking your blood alcohol level if you have a history of DUIs in any state. You may simply look a bit tipsy and they can arrest you with that as their cause. Plus, you can face up to 90 days in jail, and may even be forced to take a drug and alcohol screening, which may or may not lead to mandatory rehab. You could have your license revoked for an entire year, and lose the ability to have a restricted license in that time. You can lose your car, face community service, and have years of probation. If you were a commercial driver, there is also the chance that you could permanently lose your commercial driver’s license from this offense.

Are There Higher Level Consequences with Phoenix, Arizona DUIs?

If you have a blood alcohol between the percentages of 0.15% and 0.19%, this qualifies you for an extreme DUI in Phoenix. What this means is that you were at even higher risk of hurting someone, including yourself, because of how much alcohol you had in your system. As a first-time offender of an extreme DUI, you have several consequences that are likely to come your way. First, you can face up to 30 days in local jail. Then, your costs and fines will surpass $2,700. You will still have no license for 30 days and be able to ask for a restricted driver’s license for the next 60 days.

An ignition interlock is likely going to be put on your vehicle for anywhere from 12 months up to 18 months. You may have community service, and could have probation that lasts up to 5 years. Your vehicle may be impounded, and you will likely have DUI alcoho courses you will have to take. This can include traffic survival school, a DUI screening, and sometimes you may also have to speak with a MADD victim impact panel.

For repeat offenders, the jail time goes up to 120 days, and fines exceed $3,600. For an entire year, your license is gone. After you get your license back, you will still face 12-18 months of ignition interlock. You will likely have to face 90 or more days of continuous alcohol monitoring, plus, you are very likely to be required to go through a DUI screening in Phoenix. Community service will be at least 30 hours, and you will still have to face the traffic school and impact panel.

There Are Also Super Extreme Arizona DUIs

Anyone that is pulled over with a blood-alcohol level of0.20% or higher is charged with a super extreme DUI in Arizona. This carries stiff penalties since you put yourself and those around you at risk of severe injury. You will have a mandatory DUI screening and likely mandatory rehab. You will also face at least 45 days in jail. The fines you will pay will exceed$3,200, and you will have an interlock put on your ignition for at least 18months following the reinstatement of your license. You will not be able to drive at all for 30 days, and may or may not be allowed a restricted license during the 60 days after that. You could also face community service, probation, and impoundment.

For repeat super extreme DUI offenders within 84 months of the original charge, your consequences again go up. This time you will face 180or more days in jail and fines that go above $4,600. Your license is gone for a full year, and there is zero chance of having a temporary license. You will have 30 or more hours of community service, and at least 5 years of probation. Should you offend again within seven years, you will then be upgraded to a class 4 felony. You can also face this felony charge if you get charged with another DUI while on a suspended, canceled, or revoked license.

We Can Help You Manage Your Arizona DUIs

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