Alcohol Screening Phoenix provides MVD required screenings onsite and online. Yes, now you can get an alcohol screening without leaving your home or work. Being stopped for a DUI in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona begins a complex process of requirements for both the MVD and the court. Completing a screening for the MVD almost always completes the DUI court requirement as well, so you only have to pay once. Call Alcohol Screening Phoenix now at 602-535-6468 to schedule your …

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Facing DUI charges can be a scary thing. Just remember that we are here to help! Our company offers in-person or online Alcohol Screening with friendly, supportive and non-judgmental staff. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about the Arizona Alcohol Screening process and eager to get you back to your life as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Getting Your Driver’s License Back Quicker with a DUI Online Alcohol Screening through Alcohol Screening Arizona Has your driver’s license been suspended for either a pending DUI charge or an actual DUI conviction? If you’re facing the standard 90-day suspension, you can actually reduce the suspension time and obtain a Restricted License earlier by completing a certified DUI Online Alcohol Screening.

Receiving a DUI in Arizona doesn’t have to be a negative experience and instead can be the beginning of a new life.

2013 saw a sharp decline in Arizona DUI arrests with the director of Office of Highway Safety attributing the decline to the public’s better understanding of legal limits and the consequences for driving under the influence.

We provide DUI online screening services for the state of Arizona. We are professional, reliable, and strive to offer a superlative customer experience from start to finish.

We are a state-licensed provider for alcohol screenings in Arizona. In most cases you will be required to complete an alcohol screening when being convicted of a DUI offense.

We are Arizona’s #1 provider for DUI alcohol screenings in the state of Arizona. Do not be fooled by out-of-state non-certified companies or other providers who offer a lackluster experience.