Effects of Alcohol - Alcohol Screening Phoenix

Few people are fully aware of what alcohol really does when it enters your body. There is the euphoria you may experience, but there are also other actions taking place at the same time. It is slowing your ability to think and react, plus it is causing little bits of damage. The more alcohol you put in your body, the more damage it has the potential to do. Plus, alcohol even has the power to rewire how your brain works. …

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DUI Aftercare

There are several things that you need to do when recovering from a DUI arrest. First, you need to get your DUI screening done. Second, you need to figure out who is going to be by your side during your court appearances. Finally, but certainly not any less important than the others, you need to figure out your aftercare plan. This is what you set up so that you are far less likely to ever make the same mistake again …

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DUI Screening in Phoenix, AZ

Many people hear the term DUI screening and think “Why would I do this?”. Many wrongly believe that a DUI alcohol screening will not do any good after their DUI arrest and cost them money that they may not have right now. Truth be told, if you were arrested for an Arizona DUI, then you should go out of your way to get a DUI screening, whether or not your lawyer or the judge told you that you had to. …

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Alcohol Screening Phoenix offers the easiest way to complete the AZ MVD DUI screening.  Appointments are available daily, and online alcohol screenings are also available.  These are ADOT-approved screenings that also fulfill the requirements of a court-mandated screening, so you only need to do it once.  Call today to schedule an Arizona alcohol and drug screening at 602-535-6468 and visit the website at www.alcoholscreeningphoenix.com.