What Do I Get Out of a DUI Screening?

Many people hear the term DUI screening and think “Why would I do this?”. Many wrongly believe that a DUI alcohol screening will not do any good after their DUI arrest and cost them money that they may not have right now. Truth be told, if you were arrested for an Arizona DUI, then you should go out of your way to get a DUI screening, whether or not your lawyer or the judge told you that you had to. Ideally, you want to do it before seeing the judge in your case, as that can go a long way towards letting the judge see that you want to make things right.

First of All, What Is a DUI Screening?

If you are not even sure what an alcohol screening for DUI is, then you cannot be sure if it will help you or not. What happens when you go in for the alcohol screening is you are asked questions, interview style. The screener will sit down and talk with you about what happened during your DUI arrest, and also about your drinking habits and history. They need to know the truth as the answers you give can determine a lot about your future.

You will also be asked questions about other aspects of your life, more conversationally. The answers to everything will be looked over and the results will be drawn based on the answers you gave. Those answers will then be used to create a recommendation that goes directly to the court about what you should do next. You may be recommended for DUI Education classes to help educate you on the dangers of drinking and driving. On the other hand, you may be recommended to attend an alcohol rehab program. Each person’s answers are going to be slightly different, and as such, their recommendation will be just as unique.

So, How Does a DUI Screening Help?

If you go into court showing that you completed a DUI Screening before they even asked about it, it can show them even more. Basically, if you go in and have it done because they tell you to, then that is all they see. If you have it done when you go to court, it shows them that you are taking things more seriously. You are actively taking steps to ensure this type of behavior does not happen again, which is exactly what the judge wants to see.

If the results of your DUI alcohol screening show that you should seek out some type of help or an alcohol and drug rehab facility, you can often do this prior to going to court as well. Your Phoenix DUI lawyer can go to court on your behalf or ask for an extended date if you are going to be inside of a rehab facility. In many cases, this is not a problem at all. It also goes a long way towards showing the judge that you take your responsibility seriously and do not want to make the same mistake again in the future.

Possible Lenience from the Judge is Not All You Get from a DUI Screening

In many cases, you can also take any time that you may spend in an alcohol and drug treatment program, and apply that to your jail sentence should you get convicted of a DUI in court. Judges like it when you show that you are working to better yourself. As a way of thanking you for taking a step in the right direction, they often give you time off of the full sentence to cover the time spent in alcohol rehab.

The more you do to better your situation, the better it is also going to look to the person prosecuting your Phoenix DUI charges. They are going to see that you are making strides towards a better life, and this may inspire them to be a little more open to negotiating your charges down some. They may be willing to knock some of the charges down, or even remove some altogether, if you take all the right steps prior to coming before the judge.

Many who face Arizona DUI charges also have repercussions that come from their job. If you have this, taking proactive steps to remedy the situation can also put you in better graces with your employer. They need to trust that you are going to be able to do your job well and safely, plus get to and from work. If you don’t have a drivers license or if you are actively drinking, those things may not be possible.

Getting a DUI is A Mistake, But You Can Move Forward from It

While you likely never intended to face DUI charges in Arizona, you wound up in that situation anyway. The more you can do to show that it was a mistake, the better your long-term chances of a life without restrictions becomes. The moment you sat behind the wheel, it was a mistake. Don’t let that mistake be what changes the entire future you have before you. Take the steps to get yourself in a better place.

Start off with your DUI screening, and find out what types of recommendations come from that. Then, decide what steps are next. Show everyone that you made a mistake, and it is one you never want to make again. The more proactive you are during the process, the better it looks for you from all angles.

If you need help with completing your DUI screening, or even with getting started in an alcohol treatment program, contact us today. We will help you set up any type of help you need to get your life back on track. You do not have to face the future alone. Our experienced professionals are here to help!

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