It may seem like the answer to the question above is rather simple. Impaired driving can easily be defined as driving while intoxicated from alcohol (or driving under the influence). However, the answer can become much more complex when truly considered and studied. When understanding the task of driving in itself, it’s really intricate. There’s the requirement for much attention, complete awareness, the proper judgment, good coordination, and a handful of years of experience. Over time, the task of driving …

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Alcohol Screening Phoenix

For many individuals, the legal process that follows their DUI is completely new to them. Often, many are left uninformed as to how to go about this and due to high levels of emotion, finding the right direction can be a challenge. Don’t panic, we’re here to break it down for you. Although many who receive a DUI focus solely on the legal actions that must be taken, it should be noted that there are many people who may need …

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Receiving a DUI in Arizona doesn’t have to be a negative experience and instead can be the beginning of a new life.

We provide DUI online screening services for the state of Arizona. We are professional, reliable, and strive to offer a superlative customer experience from start to finish.